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Warren will lead an informal discussion on Physician Assisted Suicide in Virginia and in those states that have passed legislation approving it. The discussion will cover a brief history of the Movement, with special attention to the Oregon statute which was the first in the USA to be codified. The service will provide some thoughts from a legal and personal perspective on the dying process, how it affects each of us, and what we can do about it (not wills & trusts, but the control that we have over our own death).

Warren was born, raised, and lives in Northumberland County where he has practiced law since 1971. You could say that he is an old country lawyer. He was exposed to higher education at VMI, Duke, Old Dominion and UVA (some of it took, some of it didn’t). He is interested in the Death with Dignity Movement and the separation of church and state. Aside from legal organizations, he is a member of the American Humanist Association, Compassion & Choices and Final Exit.

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