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UUFR-VA Sermon Archive

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  Date   Speaker   Sermon
  Sep 29, 2019   Bob Weekley   Are We Alone? Getting to know our “sisters” and “brothers” in faith from White Stone to Tokyo
  Apr 21, 2019   Susan Moseley   The Parable of Easter - Personal and Political Transformation
  Aug 12, 2018   Sara Mackey   Light in Darkness
  Aug 5, 2018   Rev. Laura Jackson Loo   Maturity: A Childlike State
  Jul 1, 2018   Scott Mabe   Ages of Love
  Jun 17, 2018   Eddie Correia   Self-Fulfillment (Part 4of4)
  May 27, 2018   Eddie Correia   Self-Love (Part 3of4)
  May 13, 2018   Lois Williams and Tom Kinney   Red, White, and Black Along Ferry Road
  May 6, 2018   Bob Weekley   Is the Universe Designed? How Science Reveals Artistic Design in the Natural World. Is This a Source of Spiritual Perception?
  Mar 25, 2018   Scott Mabe   The Puzzles Of Evil And Altruism
  Feb 25, 2018   Vashti Jones   Meaningful Conversations Lead to Improved Race Relations
  Feb 11, 2018   Eddie Correia   Self Acceptance (Part 2of4)
  Feb 4, 2018   Sara Mackey   Inherent Worth and Dignity
  Jan 14, 2018   Eddie Correia   Self Awareness (Part 1of4)
  Jan 7, 2018   Mike Knez   Willpower – Got to Have It!
  Oct 8, 2017   Bob Weekley   Where Do We Find The Meaning Of Life?
  Sep 17, 2017   Scott Mabe   The Loss of Civility
  Jul 2, 2017   Susan Moseley   We Don’t Know It All – My Engagement with a Particular Mayan Community in Guatemala
  Jun 11, 2017   Bob Weekley   Can Thinkers Be Believers? Can Belief and Critical Thinking Coexist?
  May 21, 2017   Tom Kinney   Doc Martin and Staying Alive
  May 14, 2017   Scott Mabe   The Magic of Laughter
  Jan 1, 2017   Hank Stupi   Why I Believe in Reincarnation
  Nov 20, 2016   Tom Kinney   Religious Freedom? Equality? Human Rights? Separation of Church and State? – Poppycock!
  Nov 13, 2016   Sara Mackey   The Empty Space
  Oct 30, 2016   Scott Mabe   A Lifetime of Blame
  Sep 4, 2016   Scott Mabe   Acts of Kindness
  Aug 14, 2016   Sara Mackey   Think of Me
  Jul 31, 2016   Dave Dustin   Moral Arc of Justice
  Jun 12, 2016   Rev. Hal White   Generosity and Generativity
  Jun 5, 2016   Scott Mabe   Why Forgiveness?
  May 15, 2016   Tom Kinney   Sometimes The Problem With Them Is Us
  May 8, 2016   Sara Mackey   Maximize Your Manure
  Apr 17, 2016   Shirley Kinney   Fairy Tales Can Come True ...
  Mar 6, 2016   Lois Williams   Christian and UU Views on Services for the Dead
  Feb 14, 2016   Scott Mabe   In Love With Love
  Feb 7, 2016   Sara Mackey   Falling Apart
  Dec 27, 2015   Margaret Sequeira   Waiting in the Dark
  Nov 8, 2015   Sara Mackey   Naming Names
  Sep 27, 2015   Lois Williams   Plunder in Our Backyard – 69 Slaves Flee Corotoman
  Aug 30, 2015   Shirley Kinney   Bufo Rex
  Aug 16, 2015   Bob Weekley   Religion Without God
  Aug 9, 2015   Sara Mackey   Pirates and Possums - Considering Fear
  Jul 19, 2015   Eddie Correia   The Role of Prayer (Outline)
  Jun 7, 2015   Tom Kinney   Surviving Risk
  May 31, 2015   Rev. Andrew Millard   Our Secret
  May 24, 2015   Bob Weekley   What About War
  May 10, 2015   Sara Mackey   Now And Then
  Dec 28, 2014   Bob Weekley   Unitarian Universalism as a World Faith Movement
  Aug 10, 2014   Barbara Haynes   The Art of Happiness
  Aug 3, 2014   Sara Mackey   Creating a Niche
  Jul 6, 2014   Bob Weekley   Scars, Our Stories
  Jun 29, 2014   Terrir Dustin   Angels On Our Shoulders
  Jun 1, 2014   Dustin, Kinney, & Knez   Faith In Action - Action Plans
  May 25, 2014   Barbara Garvin-Kester   Early Childhood Nutrition and Education
  May 4, 2014   Sara Mackey   The Wrong Ones
  Apr 27, 2014   Tom Kinney   Stories About Our Kids
  Feb 9, 2014   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Won't You Be My Neighbor?
  Jan 19, 2014   Bob Weekley   What is the Bible to Unitarian Universalists?
  Dec 8, 2013   Bob Weekley, et. al.   The State of Our Fellowship
  Nov 24, 2013   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Patience and Pickles and Thanksgiving Prayers
  Nov 17, 2013   Shirley Kinney and Bob Weekley   How Can One Person Make A Difference?
  Nov 3, 2013   Sara Mackey   Sacred Feast: Eating, Feeding, and the Future of the Church
  Oct 13, 2013   Tom Kinney   Ending Generational Poverty B-Culturally
  Sep 15, 2013   David Dustin   Doubt
  Sep 1, 2013   Shirley Kinney   Talk to the animals. Wouldn’t it be great if we only could?
  Aug 11, 2013   Bill Gimpel   Our Dead Tree and The Web of Life
  Jul 28, 2013   Bob Weekley   The Meaning of Life: Is it Found in Religion?
  Jun 2, 2013   Sara Mackey   Dog School
  Apr 28, 2013   Tom Kinney   Somewhere Between Panic and "What, Me Worry?"
  Apr 14, 2013   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Lost In Translation - Psalms of the Hebrew Writings
  Mar 10, 2013   Rev. Jennifer Ryu   Stories From Our Black History
  Feb 24, 2013   David W. Rowden, PhD   The Ethical Principles and Spiritual Resources That Guide Our Behavior
  Feb 3, 2013   Sara Mackey   Digging In, Reaching Out Revisited
  Jan 13, 2013   Bob Weekley   Using God: Using God for Mortal Purposes is Alive and Well
  Nov 25, 2012   Dave Rowden, Ph.D.   An Exploration of the Bahá'í Faith and a Modern Bahá'í Parable on the “Tree of Truth”: How Do We Know, What We Know? (or Should Know)
  Nov 4, 2012   Dr. Pirkko Graves   The Might of Word and Song
  Oct 14, 2012   Devi and Ron Herrsche   Pregnancy and Infant Loss
  Sep 16, 2012   Rev. Kathy Duhon   3 of the Most Important Words for the 10 High Holy Days
  Sep 9, 2012   Shirley Kinney   Laughter, The Best Medicine
  Aug 26, 2012   Bob Weekley   Maintenance as a Spiritual Practice?
  Aug 12, 2012   Tom Kinney   Einstein's God
  Jun 10, 2012   Sara Mackey   What Is Church For?
  May 20, 2012   Jane Elkin   Norbert Capek, Maja Oktavec Capek and the Flower Service
  Apr 8, 2012   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Rising from the Dead: A Journey of Faith
  Nov 27, 2011   Dave Rowden, Ph.D.   Adam Smith’s “Theory of Moral Sentiments”—an Exploration of Morality and Conscience by the Author of “An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations” (What You Think About Him is Probably Wrong))
  Sep 18, 2011   Tom Kinney   Good, Evil, and the Biggest Question Before Humankind
  Sep 4, 2011   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Brother Lawrence’s Practice: Spiritual Gems for Our Time
  Aug 21, 2011   Bob Weekley   "Spiritual But Not Religious” -- What does it mean?
  Aug 14, 2011   Helen Montague Foster, MD   The Gift of Guilt
  May 22, 2011   Tom Kinney   Filling in the Blanks—Constructing a Reality from Our Beliefs
  Apr 11, 2011   Rev. Andrew Clive Millard   From Science to Ministry
  Apr 3, 2011   Jane Elkin and Bill Gimple   Star Island
  Feb 13, 2011   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Love Is … Sunshine, Roses, and IV Drips
  Dec 12, 2010   Hank Stupi   My Break of Insight
  Oct 31, 2010   Rev. James Sanderson   Halloween is Once Again Upon Us
  Oct 10, 2010   Tom Kinney   We The People ... TJ
  Sep 26, 2010   Shirley Kinney   Banned Book Week
  Sep 12, 2010   Caroline Shifflett   Further Along My Spiritual Journey: Souvenirs from an Unexpected Detour
  Sep 5, 2010   Jane Elkin   Water Service
  Aug 15, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   The Joy of Reverence
  Aug 8, 2010   Bob Weekley   Religious Turbulence in America
  Aug 1, 2010   Dave Rowden   A Dramatic Reading of Selected Letters between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on Religion, Morals and Philosophy
  Jul 18, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   God Laughs and Plays
  Jun 20, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   A Ramble With Henry David Thoreau
  Jun 13, 2010   Cliff Schelling   Lost In Translation: When, if ever, did Jesus become the Christ?
  May 16, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Color My World with Joy: The Language of Flowers
  May 9, 2010   Shirley Kinney   The Second Ten Years
  May 2, 2010   Tom Kinney   Joseph Priestley—Did he turn Thomas Jefferson Christian?
  Apr 25, 2010   Sara Mackey   Standing on the Side of Love
  Mar 28, 2010   Hank Stupi   Stuttering: A Challenge to the Spirit
  Mar 21, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Please Call Me By My True Names
  Mar 7, 2010   Pirkko Graves   Psychological Correlates in the Development of Cancer
  Feb 21, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   Feet As Light As A Doe’s
  Jan 17, 2010   Rev. Kathy Duhon   How Emerson Changed Unitarianism
  Nov 8, 2009   Bob Weekley   There Are Pantheists Among Us. Might You Be One?
  Oct 25, 2009   Hank Stupi   Spirituality and Living with Cancer: My Cancer - A Blessing or a Curse?
  Oct 11, 2009   Tom Kinney   Gaia and the 7th Part III - Fuel and Waste
  Aug 30, 2009   Dave Rowden   Science and Spirituality – Complementary or Contradictory? by Rafael Espericueta
  Aug 30, 2009   Dave Rowden   Slides for Science and Spirituality Presentation
  Aug 2, 2009   Tom Kinney   Gaia and the 7th -- Nuclear Power Part II
  May 17, 2009   Sara Mackey   What About God?
  May 10, 2009   Tom Kinney   Gaia and the Seventh Principle
  Mar 1, 2009   Rev. Preston Moore   Are We ‘R’ Or Aren’t We?
  Feb 22, 2009   Rev. Preston Moore   The Compelling Questions Religions Set Out To Answer
  Feb 8, 2009   Bob Weekley   How Religion Defines the Path of History: Reflections on a Recent Trip to Egypt and Jordan
  Dec 14, 2008   Bob Weekley   If You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take it - Alternative Paths to our Future
  Dec 7, 2008   Jane Elkin   A Parent’s View of Unitarian Universalist Children’s Religious Education
  Nov 16, 2008   Cliff Schelling   Welcoming Words: Who Are We?
  Nov 9, 2008   Shirley Kinney   ... Out of Chaos
  Sep 28, 2008   Anna Olsen   The Fire of Committment
  Aug 31, 2008   Tom Kinney   The Good News is the Bad News is Wrong
  Aug 10, 2008   Sara Mackey   Sharing Our Faith
  Jun 8, 2008   Shirley Kinney   Exiting in Style
  May 4, 2008   Sara Mackey   Breakfast on the Beach
  Apr 27, 2008   Tom Kinney   Dangers of Peace
  Mar 30, 2008   Bob Prescott   Fear and Faith: A Personal Exploration
  Dec 16, 2007   Barbara Haynes   Doing the Right Thing and Other Moral Dilemmas
  Dec 9, 2007   Bob Weekley   The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
  Nov 25, 2007   Shirley Kinney   People, People Everywhere! (and not a thought to think)
  Nov 11, 2007   Tom Kinney   Freedom-Loving Muslims and Freedom-Loving Americans
  Sep 2, 2007   Tom Kinney   What Shall We Tell the Children?
  Aug 12, 2007   Sara Mackey   How Much Diversity?
  Jul 22, 2007   Bob Duryea   Unconditional Positive Regard
  Jul 8, 2007   Shirley Kinney   A Little Bit Rot'ry, and Little Bit UUA
  Jul 1, 2007   Tom Kinney   The Belief in the Belief in God
  Jun 17, 2007   Rev. James Sanderson   Science Fiction and Religion
  Jun 3, 2007   Sara Mackey   Digging In and Digging Our - Groundbreaking
  Apr 16, 2007   Tom Kinney   Christmas Tree Lights on the Beach
  Apr 8, 2007   Shirley Kinney   A Willing Sacrifice
  Oct 8, 2006   Shirley Kinney   Once upon a time
  Jun 25, 2006   Tom Kinney   God Tracks V; Progress Toward a Worldwide Love Blob
  May 14, 2006   Shirley Kinney   They Never Promised Us a Rose Garden
  Apr 16, 2006   Tom Kinney   Paths Up the Mountains
  Mar 12, 2006   Betty Kenley   The World Turned Upside Down
  Oct 9, 2005   Shirley Kinney   Body Language
  Oct 2, 2005   Sara Mackey   Bagels and Chalices: Reflections on the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
  Aug 14, 2005   Shirley Kinney   Near Death Experience
  Aug 7, 2005   Rev. Louis Schwebius   A Garden of Interdependent Delights
  Jul 17, 2005   Sara Mackey   Spiritual Guides: What Do We Want For Our Children?
  Jul 3, 2005   Tom Kinney   Imagine That!
  May 29, 2005   Tom Kinney   Right, Wrong, and God
  May 15, 2005   Pirkko Graves   Love and Hate in Everyday Lives
  Apr 24, 2005   Shirley Kinney   My Spiritual Journey
  Jan 30, 2005   Bob Weekley   Trees Need a Forest - How Small Churches Grow
  Nov 21, 2004   Betty Kenley   About Reverence
  Nov 14, 2004   Bob Weekley   Autumn Awareness - A Meditation
  Oct 31, 2004   Shirley Kinney   Masking Tape
  Oct 3, 2004   Tom Kinney   The Wonders Of Us - Making Sense of Our Senses -#4 Vision
  Sep 5, 2004   Rev. James Sanderson   Islam
  Aug 15, 2004   Rev. Louis Schwebius   UU HUUMOR: What does it say about us?
  Aug 1, 2004   Tom Kinney   The Wonder Of Us Series - Making Sense of Our Senses -#2 Taste
  Jul 25, 2004   Rev. James Sanderson   Half Empty or Half Full?
  Jul 11, 2004   Cliff Schelling   Babies and Bathwater
  Jul 4, 2004   Tom Kinney   The Wonders Of Us - Making Sense of Our Senses --#3 Hearing
  Jul 4, 2004   Tom Kinney   The Wonder Of Us Series - Making Sense of Our Senses -#1 Smell
  May 30, 2004   Tom Kinney   God Bless the Skeptics
  May 23, 2004   Adele Failmezger   Salted With Fire
  May 23, 2004   Adele Failmezger   Living the Buddhist Life
  May 23, 2004   Shirley Kinney   Once More with the Dragons, Already!
  May 2, 2004   Cyndi Simpson   Unitarian Universalists and Salvation
  Mar 21, 2004   Bob Weekley   Faiths of Our Fathers Part II - Benjamin Franklin And George Washington
  Mar 7, 2004   Bob Weekley   Faiths of Our Fathers (and Mothers) Part I Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
  Feb 22, 2004   Bob Weekley   Albert Schweitzer - His Life, His Legacy
  Dec 21, 2003   Cyndi Simpson   Reparations for Slavery
  Nov 30, 2003   Ken Rose   Mysticism and Religious Conflict
  Nov 2, 2003   Sara Mackey   Welcoming Congregation: What is it?
  Oct 5, 2003   Sara Mackey   Riding the Elephant: The Condensed Story of a Unitarian Universalists Journey (So Far)
  Aug 31, 2003   Tom Kinney   The Healthy Wealthy and Robin Hood
  Aug 17, 2003   Ann Kelsey   Yeshua, A Profile
  Aug 10, 2003   Sara Mackey   Duck Quacks Don't Echo: Observations About Faith
  Jul 17, 2003   Shirley Kinney   Consulting The Runes
  Jul 6, 2003   Adele Failmezger   The Living Legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson
  Jun 15, 2003   Bob Weekley   Warrior and Pilgrim
  Jun 1, 2003   Tom Kinney   Perspectives on the Path - Our Decisioins Are Ours Alone
  May 18, 2003   Adele Failmezger   Are UU's Buddhists, Too?
  Apr 27, 2003   Shirley Kinney   Why God Won't Go Away
  Apr 20, 2003   Tom Kinney   Theology Of The River (Process Theology)
  Feb 2, 2003   Cliff Schelling   The Beloved
  Nov 10, 2002   Adele Failmezger   Prayers for UUs?
  Oct 6, 2002   Shirley Kinney   Here Thar Be Dragons!
  Sep 29, 2002   Tom Kinney   Nature's Back! Now What?
  Sep 8, 2002   Cliff Schelling   The Master Weaver
  Aug 25, 2002   Barbara Haynes   Protecting the Environment: There Ought to be a Law!
  Aug 11, 2002   Bob Weekley   The Gift of the Jews - Blessing or Not?
  Jul 28, 2002   Rev. Rudi Gelsey   Search for the Holy Grail and the Struggle for Wholeness
  Jul 21, 2002   Ann Kelsey   Pele, Petroglyphs, and Places of Power
  Jul 14, 2002   Brown Mobley   Letter Written to my Father May 8, 1978 from Tehran, Iran
  Jun 2, 2002   Andy Kelsey   Pursuit of Happiness (continued)
  May 26, 2002   Adele Failmezger   Buddhist Monks: Their Role in Today's World
  May 12, 2002   Bob Weekley   Motherhood: Myth, Meaning and Metaphor
  May 5, 2002   Rev. Rudi Gelsey   Re-Engineering Our Human Species and Our Faith
  Apr 28, 2002   Barbara Haynes   Bahai-An Emerging Global Religion
  Apr 7, 2002   Pirkko Graves   The Uncharted Territories in Us: Teachings From My Patients
  Mar 31, 2002   Tom Kinney   Wonders of Life--Fuzz
  Mar 17, 2002   Ann Kelsey   Mandala, a Healing Art
  Feb 24, 2002   Richard Zyne   Tripping, Stumbling, Falling
  Feb 10, 2002   Tom Kinney   Liberty, Freedom and Justice for All
  Feb 9, 2002   Bob Weekley   Epicurean Renaissance
  Jan 6, 2002   Cliff Schelling   Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  Dec 30, 2001   Bob Weekley   Commemorating 2001--Keeping the Faith
  Dec 23, 2001   Shirley Kinney   Solstice Celebration
  Dec 23, 2001   Shirley Kinney   Solstice Traditions
  Dec 16, 2001   Richard Ward   Yeah, But What about Christmas
  Nov 25, 2001   Shirley Kinney   Thanksgiving Communion
  Nov 4, 2001   Shirley Kinney   Two Women and a Cellist
  Oct 21, 2001   Hans von Baeyer   Einstein's Religion
  Oct 7, 2001   Shirley Kinney   The Music of Annie Dillard
  Sep 9, 2001   Bob Weekley   The Poet and the Artist
  Sep 3, 2001   Tom Kinney   A Clash of Swords, A Clash of Religions, A Clash of Civilization
  Sep 2, 2001   Tom Kinney   Garden Variety Religion?
  Jul 22, 2001   Tom Kinney   God Tracks IV; The Realization of Human Divinity?
  Jul 15, 2001   Adele Failmezger   I-ching (Yi Jing)
  Jun 17, 2001   Shirley Kinney   Story of the Cathars
  May 20, 2001   Rev. James McElway   Christianity and Pluralism
  May 18, 2001   Adele Failmezger   Those Wonderful Women of the Wild West
  Apr 15, 2001   Tom Kinney   God Tracks III; Were Humans Evolution's Destiny?
  Apr 1, 2001   Ann Kelsey   Growing Nice vs Growing Up
  Feb 4, 2001   Adele Failmezger   The Wisdom of the Buddha
  Dec 31, 2000   Bob Weekley   A Requiem Celebration
  Nov 5, 2000   Rev. Rudi Gelsey   A Faith for the Global Village - A Path to Harmony Among the World's Religions
  Oct 22, 2000   Tom Kinney   TJ and the Surface Radicals
  Sep 24, 2000   Tom and Shirley Kinney   What We Did on Our Summer Vacation
  Aug 20, 2000   Shirley Kinney   History of God Revisited
  Jul 16, 2000   Ann Kelsey   Jesus--The Man and the Message
  Apr 30, 2000   Tom Kinney   God Tracks II; The 10 Commandments and Other Rules for Life
  Apr 2, 2000   Shirley Kinney   Spelunking Plato's Cave
  Jan 9, 2000   Bob Weekley   Seeing the Face of God
  Oct 10, 1999   Tom Kinney   God Tracks I; Evolution Or?
  Sep 19, 1999   Shirley Kinney   The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe -Exerpts from Jane Wagner's Work
  Aug 8, 1999   Shirley Kinney   The Search for the Holy Grail and Stephen King