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UUFR-VA Sunday Service Schedule

Shirley Kinney

September 23 - Shirley Kinney:  A Wood Wide Web

Using the book, The Hidden Life of Trees, What They Feel, How They Communicate, Shirley will explore our UU Principle of the interdependent web of all life. Trees and plants are connected to each other, to insects, and to us. What can we learn about ourselves by examining the life of trees? More than you might suspect!

Shirley Kinney, a retired elementary school teacher and law firm administrator, creates whimsical fantasy figures from clay and cloth and whatever is available. She is active in the UU fellowship, having served as President, Program Chair, and currently as the Secretary of the Board of Stewards. Among her many contributions, Shirley leads us in song on the piano most Sundays and guides us through our ‘Imagine That!’ program.

Pastor Susan Moseley, D.Ed.Min.

September 30 - Pastor Susan Moseley, D.Ed.Min.:  A New Understanding of the Bible – Respecting Both Tradition and Reality

Our Unitarian Universalist living traditions draw from many sources, including “Jewish and Christian teachings.” Those teachings primarily come from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Can we take the Bible seriously without taking it literally? We will look at two very different ways of reading and interpreting the Bible: the literal-factual way and the historical-metaphorical way.

Susan Moseley, D.Ed.Min., is Pastor for the UUFR. She received her Doctor of Educational Ministries degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in 2012 and her certificate in spiritual direction from the Haden Institute in 2017. Susan is married to the Rev. Jim Moseley, Pastor for Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church in Weems, VA.

Founders’ Day Picnic follows service.


Assisted Listening Devices Available.

For anyone who might benefit from using an assisted listening device in our services, excellent equipment is available. Both a ceiling mike and a wireless mike provide a good pickup that is sent wirelessly to these devices. See Tom Kinney, Bob Weekley, or Don Lowrey to try one.

Participation and sharing . . . are the strengths of our fellowship.
Are you thinking about a talk to share with us? Do you know of a program you would like to bring to us?
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