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Bricks and Mortar
September 2008


This is the end and this is the beginning.

Yes, this is the end of Bricks and Mortar reports to the Congregation. On Sunday, August 17, we began to use our Home of Our Own. That day marked the beginning of putting this asset, this tool, to work to help meet all UUFR’s aspirations. If you weren’t there, you should know that the joy expressed in the singing absolutely filled the place. Truly amazing!

A new building that is useable, but not complete, comes with “The List.” There are the obvious large items like interior trim, window sills, parking, and the like awaiting volunteer time and/or financial resources. Plus there are the little items needed like a “Sunday 10:30 a.m.” to hang on our sign or various things that need tweaking to make right. If you spot a building need or have a concern, please share with a Board member so the item can be added to “The List” or to let you know the current status if it’s already there and being addressed.

Now it is time for each of us to thank each other for everyone’s support in making this dream of a Home of Our Own real. We had more donors than we had official members. We had more volunteers who worked on the project than we have attendees on any typical Sunday. The team that is UUFR came together to make it happen.

Now this is the end…and the beginning.

For More Information, Contact: Tom Kinney