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If Brown Mobley was writing a chapter book on her world adventures, the presentation this Sunday would be entitled Chapter 87 - The Armenian Adventure. Brown was reminded of her adventure when she found a bundle of letters addressed to a family friend. When Brown shared these letters with her friend, Diana, the idea of Anchor Woman Diana interviewing Brown on her Armenian Experiences took shape. To complete this presentation, they are in need of a curious audience.

Brown Mobley and her late husband, Ed, are founding members of UUFR. Diana Jamison joined up with UUFR much later, at a time when the building was almost complete. Over time a relationship between these two women developed. They share a common bond of embracing UU principals, interests in the arts, and love of adventure.

Please join us for the 5th Sunday Potluck immediately following the service.

UUFR-VA members pose next to the the entrance sign in front of the church.


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