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Do we incorporate intentional practices in our every day lives to get to know those with whom we would not normally interact? What are some ways to stretch ourselves and have a safe conversation with someone in our neighborhood who is really different from us? Bill believes that the healing of the world only happens one person at a time and starts in every home town. This program will demonstrate that within UUFR-VA there already exists the knowledge and experience of how to do this. This week's program will be a “safe experiment” where we, as a community, can learn from each other and take advantage of the “wisdom in the room” and then take that out into the world to make it better place.

A former member of UU of both Richmond and Washington DC, Bill Zybach moved back to Mollusk full time in October 2018 and works virtually for USBank, and formally joined our UUFR in 2019. Bill as been a member of the Western Mystery School traditions for 11 years and has a rich background in other earth-based ritual. He holds a masters in public administration, with post-graduate work from the Gestalt Center of Cleveland. Bill works with international networks which are prototyping new ways of organizing so that they can adapt and flourish in the volatility and complexity of the modern world.

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